emi please don’t wake up my skin changer muse [ sobs ]

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; "Meow?"

                ❝Are you a cat?

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she kept dreaming of turning into a monster.

i’m pretty sure my url is what threw off the person from finland. welp.

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                ❝Magic scarf man..❞ Is actually just a crazy knight you’ll meet later on.



           [ ∲ —             Hearing a small voice, her eyes snapped to attention. She hadn’t realized that there was someone around, so she was a bit surprised that someone would have said anything. Shifting on her feet, fingers carded through her hair.

                                                               ”Huh? Yeah, I’m fine.
                                                                                Just a bit sick is all.” 

                ❝But if you’re sick.. shouldn’t you rest?
            You’re just going to make it worse by being outside.❞

      Whoops, she didn’t mean to startle her like that but even a tap on the shoulder could have produced a small jump from the blonde. Worried hues of amethyst look the other over while a small frown sets itself upon alabaster features, fingers intertwining behind her back as she rocked on her heels.    



          ♕——Who was she to judge. “I see so it’s like Kai’s kisses and hugs.” Friendship, huh? Kanade would lean close and lick her friend’s cheek. “Friendship returned.”

             ❝Hmm? Who’s Kai?❞ An unfamiliar name —- perhaps one of the girl’s other friends? The tiny dragon couldn’t help but giggle when the other bitty female licked her cheek. Ticklish child.

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           [ ∲ —             She would be lying if she said she was on her top game as of late. To be perfectly honest, she has been struggling with certain things. Not to mention she thinks she might be coming down with a cold.

                ❝Hey —- are you alright?

    The tiny female doesn’t mean to be annoying or the like, she really is genuinely curious about the other’s well being, but she’s aware some humans don’t like prodding and sometimes ignore her concerns.  

            ❝My momma said that’s a sign of affection or friendship —-❞